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Carnelian: Quartz Group
Color: flesh color or brownish color.
Mohs hardness: 6 1/2-7
Density: 2.58 to 2.64

Carnelian is named after dogwood and cherry and is a flesh-colored to brownish-red variety of carnelian. The finest varieties come from India, where the brown tones enhanced to red by storage in the sun.

Energies: carnelian can be used to gain peace and harmony and remove depression. Helps with shyness and increase courage. It strengthens the voice, and enhance self-esteem and patience, removes doubts and negative Thoughts. Good against confusion and forgetfulness.

Carnelian stands for: protection, peace, healing, courage, sexual energy.

Stimulation: Carnelian stimulates sexuality and increases fertility and potency. Good for the skin and against blood diseases and is widely healing. Carnelian are other chakras.

Carnelian is yang
the month stone for modern German tradition: July
Zodiac for modern American tradition: ( jungfrau) means maiden, the one directly after the lion
Zodiac for modern German tradition: red carnelian (ram), orange carnelian (ox), blood-red carnelian (scorpion)

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